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Pleasant Valley Farm

Tom and Susan Barnes have been raising goats on Pleasant Valley Farm for over a decade. They have helped bring goat production to the Black Hills.

From the beginning people from all over the region have come to see how Tom and Susan have built a sustainable model with not only goat production, but also with land management.

It is the desire of Tom and Susan to continue to spread the knowledge of goat production throughout the region and now they have the ability to host people in the farmhouse rentals and invite them on more than a farm tour, but a truly unique experience with many different ways to enjoy your surroundings and the animals.

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"Truly a place to relax"

— James

"A very unique experience. We love agritourism and we love Pleasant Valley Farm and Cabins. Our visits have always been wonderful"

— Barb

"This is one of the best cabin rentals in the Black Hills. We have been around the farm for years. The management is always helpful, friendly, and always ready to help."

— John
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